Welcome Kayleigh Franklin As Our Fitness Professional

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce everyone to my Golf Specific Fitness Provider Kayleigh Franklin, of Lance Gill Performance. Kayleigh is helping me on my personal golf journey by coaching me through the physical process of how to get my body to achieve the best functional movements for my golf swing. Since our bodies are very influential in the game Kayleigh is helping me to overcome my own personal physical issues that are preventing me from achieving the best in my golf game. Kayleigh has also signed on to be the fitness professional for all my students within my Unlimited Game Improvement Packages and the TPI Experience Lesson Packages available on www.joewisockigolf.com

The process, in which Kayleigh has taken me on, comes from the Titleist Performance Institute and Lance Gill’s career of working with golfers of all ages. Lance and Kayleigh have created a program that is very mobile and suits the physical needs of the modern day golfer, using the latest and best techniques within the industry. The care and detail of which Kayleigh and Lance work with both my golf game goals and my physical makeup is world class. The results that I am getting in both areas are equally amazing.

I am very happy to introduce Kayleigh Franklin, of Lance Gill Performance to our coaching family. Over the course of the year she will be adding insight into our newsletter to provide some deeper understanding on our topics being discussed and help to provide you with real world solutions from the physical perspective. Your body is your most important piece of equipment, and she aims to help you get the most out of it.

Please help in providing Kayleigh with a warm welcome

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