We All Need To Create A Winning Team

So back in June I turned the big 5 0 and realized that my golf game could use some help in order to get back to my desired level of play. While knowing that my family life with growing boys presented time constrictions along with the physical challenges after shoulder and hip surgery a new approach was needed to achieve any goal I could set for my golf game. Then I asked myself you know a lot about the golf swing and you have a strong working knowledge of unlocking the body’s potential by using physical screening as a TPI Certified Level 1 Professional along with understanding efficiencies (3D Analysis) using K-Vest while determining style using (2D Video Analysis), but the big problem was I couldn’t see my self swing and my body wasn?t capable of moving properly even though I knew what to do.

So, upon returning from our annual Rewards Trip I bit the proverbial “bullet” and created a team with a plan to achieve my personal goal and started a journey to “take my game to its highest level”.

Step 1: Creating my “Team” (Physical & Swing Consultants)

Step 2: Physical Screen from TPI with Kayleigh Franklin of LGP

Step 3: Analyzed 2D & 3D golf swings with Lance Gill of LGP and Joe Wisocki

Step 4: Set realistic Goals for specific period of time

Step 5: Began a customized TPI workout program designed by Kayleigh to improve deficiencies from my physical screening

Step 6: Began practicing with a purpose using drills established to reinforce proper swing characteristics found in “Step 3”

Step 7: Reevaluated physical deficiencies and swing deficiencies on at least a monthly basis

The hardest part has been staying true to the process as improvements start on the range then proceed to the course and scores on the scorecard. I can honestly say that since starting this journey and team I?ve accomplished some physical items that have been amazing while my ball striking is showing strong improvements with my biggest swing characteristic flaw steadily disappearing.

Take your game to the highest level,
Joe Wisocki, PGA

Take your game to the highest level